Are all-season tyres same as all-weather tyres? Well, this is a question that most people ask themselves because the names all-season and all-weather seem to mean the same thing. However, the tyres that these names represent are not the same at all. All weather tyres are the true four season tyres that you can use all year round in spring, winter, summer and fall. All season tyres, on the other hand, are three season tyres that only provide satisfying performance on the road in spring, summer and fall.

If you come from a place that experiences harsh winters, there are two things that you could do if you have a vehicle. Firstly, you could buy a set of winter tyres to use during the cold weather and another set of all-season tyres to use during warm weather. Secondly, you could buy a set of all-weather tyres to use throughout the year. The good thing with all-weather tyres is that they eliminate the hassle of switching tyres on your vehicle whenever winter or summer kicks in. Once you fix them on your vehicle, they will stay on it until the time for replacing them comes.

All-weather tyres will also eliminate the hassle of storing an extra set of tyres in your garage or condo locker. If you reside in a rental property or home where the space is very minimal, it can be really hard to operate with two sets of tyres. All-weather tyres will save you that headache. Provided that you come from a place where the winter conditions are not so severe such that designated winter tyres are the only tyres that can guarantee you a comfortable ride, the all-weather tyres will work just fine.

Just because all-season can only be used during warm weather conditions does not mean that they are bad. They have a lot of things to admire about them. They feature a tread pattern that is designed to reduce noise and give a comfortable, low rolling resistance ride when you are driving on wet or dry roads. They are made of a harder compound in order to give longer tread life. However, in winter when the roads are covered with ice and snow, their channels become clogged with the ice and snow, something that creates a slippery and unsafe surface for the winter roads.

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